Medical Professionals:
therapeutic efficacy,
prevent burnout and 
compassion fatigue.

Patients & Family:
Don’t be the victim of 
your illness.
Be the leader of your voyage 
for recovery.
Discover how to harness your 
inner powers and social support.


  • The book proposes to focus on the person and not on the illness; on what is intact instead of what is injured. Taking an active role in the voyage for health diverts attention to the resources within to empower the patient. This is “Health Intelligence” - the term so pointedly coined by Mira Azil - which contributes to better coping with health crises.
    ~ Prof. Rafi Karasso

  • The book Health Intelligence by Dr. Mira Azil offers to improve medical process by using words, stories and meaningfulness. It is founded on the belief that close accompaniment of patient coping with a traumatic illness enhances the efficacy of medical treatment and improves not only the mental well being of the patient but also the medical outcome.
    ~ Editor, Hebrew Psychology Magazine

  • Based on many years of experience with patients and staff in health-care systems, Mira Atzil shares her thoughts about how to enrich the treatment of people who are coping with illness. In a fluent and un-assuming language she demonstrates her ideas with a wealth of clinical examples, spicing her serious attitude with empathy, humor and wisdom.
    ~ Dr. Andre Matalon, family physician, author of the book Patient, Physician and In-between.